Anthology Askew Volume 1 Issue 1 Contributors

Michael Arneson


Michael was born on the Oregon coast and raised in southern Oregon. He has served in the Navy, worked in the construction industry, been a graphic designer and taught art and design. Along the way, he managed to raise three kids, travel to some wonderful and other horrible places. In his youth, he fell in love with the fantasy works of authors like Tolkien and Lewis and expanded later with the likes of Jordan, Salvatore, Brooks. Sci-fi greats like Asimov, Niven, and Pournelle, as well as authors like King and Koontz bear influences in his work. His first novel, Journey Begins, grew from a short story written for his daughter and was first published by Amazon in 2015. Michael currently lives with his wife, Kris in Virginia Beach, with their three dogs; Smokie, Ollie and Jethro.

Michael on Smashwords
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William Capp


William started honing his skills at an early age. He would work on alternate endings to movies and imagine how DC characters from comics might face off with Marvel Characters. He was encouraged by teachers and professors throughout his education days. The head of the English department paid for him to take a class to edit the annual college magazine which involved teacher and student submissions. He received the Golden Poetry award in 1977. He has managed to collect rejection slips containing little notes such as “Wish we could have used your story.” He has written about 200 songs and song fragments. He is now retired and working on a few novels and revisiting old material.

William on Facebook


Irfan Bhutia Carlile


Irfan Bhutia Carlile is an ardent reader and lover of words. His major influence in writing came from meeting fellow writers, who are now his friends, through the Facebook groups Rhetoric Askew and Elements of Genre Writing. With their encouragement, he explored his own creative gift with poetry and flash fiction. He lives with his family which includes a little fur baby in the hills of Kalimpong, India. Writing to him is a cathartic process which gives him the kind of joy and contentment he believes he could never find in any worldly pleasures. Besides writing, he is a lover of music. Irfan says that a song is just a
poem supported by music.

Irfan Bhutia Carlile on Facebook


Audine Grein


Audine is a retired mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. In early 2017, with the addition of great-grandbaby number thirteen, her family trees branches will number twenty-seven. She has always loved reading and writing and notes with pride that she has passed this passion on to her children and grandchildren. In her off time, which is most of it these days, she loves puzzles, word games and the occasional trip to sing karaoke. The short stories she is now sharing with the world were originally written for her children, and her new novel is dedicated to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Audine on Facebook


Jazzmyn Grein


Jazzmyn is a high school student who is taking concurrent college courses, and will graduate in a couple years with most, if not all, the credits she will need for an Associates degree. She enjoys reading, writing and spending time with her cat, her dog and her boyfriend – but not necessarily in that order. She, along with her older sister, represent the third generation of Grein family members who are now Authors Askew. Unlike her father though, she has plans OTHER than becoming a novelist.


Heather Grein


Heather is a homemaker and mother of five children. She has two girls and three boys, the
oldest of which watches over his family from Heaven. He grew his wings at three months of age, and since his passing, Heather has devoted a lot of her writing talent to the expression of grief and the healing of pain, through poetry. She is a beacon of hope for other families who have suffered this most devastating of tragedies when she’s not taking care of kids, dogs, and a busy household.

Heather on Facebook


Brent A. Harris


Brent recently graduated from college and is still trying to find uses for his old text-books.
Some of them have made for good booster seats at the supper-table for his two kids, who he is attempting to raise at home while his wife saves the world daily as part of the US Navy. When not changing diapers or finding creative uses for school-books, he can be
found writing alternate history and science fiction short stories on his mac-n-cheese encrusted keyboard (thanks, kids!) for Inklings Press. His novel, A Time of Need, an alternate history of the American Revolution, debuts Fall 2017 via Insomnia Publishing.

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Lorah Jaiyn


Lorah started to focus on her writing career after developing a nasty case of empty nest
syndrome. Her flash fiction and short stories have appeared in various publications, and she has several novels in the works that span different genres, each blended with a romantic element. She spends her days behind a desk and writes in the evenings while entertained by her muse and greatest distraction, her Jack Russell terrier. She enjoys hiking and exploring the great outdoors, being a mom and Gramma, and is a total Hallmark Channel addict.

Lorah on Facebook


Josh James


Josh is a musician, artist, writer, and self-proclaimed Jack-of-all-trades. He has been an actor, a grip, a landscaper, retail clerk, farmhand, and a seasonal haunted attraction attendant, just to name a few of his many talents. Josh considers himself a strange individual, who has done many things in his short life. Born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, he maintains a love/hate relationship with the place and will tell anyone
who asks exactly what he thinks about it.

Josh on Facebook


Mark Mackey


Mark started writing screenplays while living in Chicago. He has won screenplay awards for his short screenplay Horror in the Woods and his feature-length screenplay A Tale of Two Girls. He has short stories published in charity anthologies and is a former author for Pure Ice Publishing and Titan Inkorp Publishing.

Mark on Facebook


Eric S. Martell



Eric has a doctorate in experimental Psychology. He says that the primary benefit of his graduate degrees was that he learned to learn. The author of several books and a longtime student of the spiritual, he holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, is a licensed Heart Math™ provider, and has been trained as a Quantum Energy Healer and medical intuitive. Eric also plays the electric guitar. His taste in music runs the gamut from Country through Reggae and Rock to Jazz and New Age.

Declan Dunham
Eric S. Martell on Amazon


Leo McBride

Stephen Hunt. Photos Shawn Hanna


Leo is an author of speculative fiction ranging from fantasy to sci-fi, horror to alternative
history. He has been published in a number of anthologies, including several from Inklings Press, such as the Top 20 sci-fi anthology Tales From Alternate Earths. He has also featured in the Blue Moon Season anthology from Starklight Press and in Norman Turrell’s Points of Possibility collection, which reached number one in the UK in its category. He has self-published a short story collection, Quartet, and is busily working on his debut novel.

Altered Instinct

Leo on Twitter


Diane Nebelung



At age nine, a pastor and his wife adopted Diane and changed her life for the better. She finally felt love and peace. Today, Diane writes to be a voice for abused children. She wants to inspire and remind her readers that there is always hope. Diane lives in Michigan and has been happily married for 10 years. She is the mother to a beautiful six-year-old daughter and considers herself blessed to be on this journey.

Elements of Genre Writing


Stacy Overby



Stacy works as a substance abuse counselor for teenage boys by day, and as an author by night. Her day job provides inspiration for many of her stories, including her short stories “The Trial of Summer” and “Karma Incarnate” released in 2016. She has several pieces featured in the Fall 2016 edition of OWS Inked, an up and coming literary journal. When not at work or writing, she can be found playing with her son, hiking, camping or involved in other outdoor activities – if it is not too cold.


Claire Patel-Campbell



Claire is a writer, journalist, and blogger, based in the north of England. She is working towards the publication of her debut novel, Abernathy, through crowdfunded press Unbound.


PJ Port


PJ writes “Omelet Fiction”– her term for speculative/fantasy musings, and love stories, that don’t quite fit established genres. She has taught Algebra and Reiki, rubbed oil on naked people for money (legally), and changed diapers on babes and grannies. Strung tobacco, served burgers/pizza, pressed pants in a factory and played piano in church. She is a Southern USA gal and Interfaith Minister who favors religious tolerance/respect, LGBTQ rights, and legalization of cannabis.And she reads. A lot. But mostly, she is a writer and gramma with a hankering for Happy Endings.


Cristina Santana



Cristina studies media arts and lives in Bronx, New York. Cristina owns her own graphic design company.

Cristina on Facebook



Cindy Tomamichel



Cindy is a writer of action adventure romance novels, spanning time travel, sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal genres. Her great grandfather crossed the world seeking new adventures in Australia. Cindy has carried on that tradition, working as a geologist in remote areas where she was the first woman to work underground. Later, she continued working as an environmental scientist, focusing on cleaning up pollution. She has traveled around
Australia, explored the South Pacific, the USA and South America. Cindy’s recent published work includes winning a fractured fairy tale competition with a twist on the Rapunzel story. Madwomen Monologues has presented two of her monologues on stage. Cindy is happiest when writing, accompanied by the sound of cat purring. Her first book, Druid’s Portal: The First Journey will be out with Soul Mate Publishing in 2017.
Cindy on Facebook


Wim Verveen


Wim started his career in biology before he became an IT professional. He is a Consultant and Director at Ormer ICT. He has written many articles for magazines on IT related subjects. He likes to write stories focusing on social interaction, while trying to find new and surprising angles to current themes. Wim lives in the Netherlands.

Wim on Facebook

Wim on Amazon

Terri VonFeldt



Terri is a fourth generation Colorado native who loves exploring her boundless backyard. Her loving husband, four kids and twelve grandkids enjoy her passion for music, art, and writing. Through the years she’s enjoyed writing a bi-weekly article for the local newspaper, teaching Art at a private school and coaching developed classes in Tole painting and woodworking. One of her favorite hobbies is visiting the green grass atop her family plots and reading aloud rich poetry of the romantics.

Terri on Facebook


In Memoria


Launa Janousek

(08/08/40 ~ 11/15/11)



Launa Janousek was born Launa Yeager. She grew up in the little town of Longbranch, on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. She had many trials and tribulations throughout her life, yet somehow she would always put others first. Her writing reflects her spirit and dedication to others. This was not written for the masses, but her family feels it speaks to us all, and deserves to be shared. Their hope is that it touches you as profoundly as it has all of them.



Team Askew


Mandy Melanson, Editor-in-Chief


Mandy is a single, stay-at-home mother of 3 home-schooled children who are the loves of her life. Mandy’s passion for the written word began with the bedtime stories her mother would read to her. She has been a writer since the age of 7 years old when she wrote her first short story “Jane the Tiger.” It was written in crayon and on construction paper, but that was the moment she knew what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. Her love for fictional worlds has traveled with her throughout her life. Mandy is the founder of

Mandy is the founder of Rhetoric Askew which she considers it an honor to operate with her closest friends and allies in this business whom she deeply respects for their skill and dedication to the craft of writing. Mandy has published

Mandy has published her first chapbook, The Mind of the Muse, which is available on
Amazon. Her work can also be found in the Our Write Side Anthology. She is currently working on two full-length manuscripts due out in 2017. In the meantime, she posts her flash fiction and poetry in the Facebook writing groups RhetoricAskew and Elements of Genre Writing.


Dave Alexander, Creative Development Coach / Concept Engineer


Dave is the Creative Development Coach, Concept Engineer, and Co-founder of Rhetoric Askew. Tired of fighting the uphill battle most authors and artists face, he wanted to make a difference in the writing community. That defining moment was not long before he met Mandy, and Dusty. They found that they shared a disdain for the way authors are often looked at by the non-writing community not to mention the way authors stories are treated within the writing community. They embarked on a mission to change the world of creative writing and Rhetoric Askew was born. Says Dave “I’ve had I don’t know how many jobs and false starts at careers, but writing has always been there. What makes me frustrated is the lack of support I’ve had for it. It’s amazing what a little support will do. I promise.” Dave’s promise is that “no one will be left unpublished” if they commit to becoming an Author Askew.


Dusty Grein, Managing Editor


Dusty is a contributing editor at Rhetoric Askew, an author, a poet and a graphics designer. Originally from Federal Way, Washington, he currently lives in the Pacific Northwest where his 15 year old daughter and a dog named Naked are working together to keep him in line. His critically acclaimed novel, The Sleeping Giant, is available in print and as a Kindle Select title. His shorter works and poetry have been published in several collections, including Chicken Soup for the Soul, OWS Inked and The Quarterday Review. An award winning poet, he is a contributing member of The Society of Classical Poets, and a part of their Advisory Board. His how-to essays on crafting classical poetry have appeared both online and in two of their annual collections. His blog, From Grandpa’s Heart… is followed by fans around the world.

Dusty on Amazon


Emma T. Gitani, Editor


Emma is a Nonna-grandmother, living in South Florida. She began her literary career as a technical writer and editor. Later, systems testing fulfilled her desire to break things. Emma has settled down to write children’s and young adult fiction. She edits for the Rhetoric Askew Quarterly, and freelances. She received her first publishing credit in Tales From Our Write Side. In her not-so-spare time she works as an admin for several online writing groups.
Emma on Facebook


Talitha Roque, Poetry Editor


Talitha is a writer based in Vermont. When she isn’t soaring through her imagination on the back of her dragon, she is usually involved in some real life adventure. Those adventures usually involve one of her five children, cooking, or traveling. Though poetry and children’s literature are her true loves, she has also dabbled in fantasy and science fiction. Whether giving voice to emotions or helping a child discover ways to embrace and love their imagination and who they are, Talitha does it with a unique sense of ease, wonder, and imagination. As an administrator of the Rhetoric Askew Facebook group she seeks to support others and inspire them to explore their creativity and talent.
Talitha on Facebook


Wade Garret, Administrator


Wade is the youngest and only boy of three children. The Gray Jedi is 35, and was born in NY, but raised in the Southern United States. He’s married to a wonderful woman, has a beautiful daughter with another on the way, and he has a convict for a dog. When not
reading, writing or occasionally drinking at the pub, he can usually be found researching the latest Fantasy/SciFi/Comics or in the chair of his favorite tattoo shop. Genesis is only the beginning of Mr. Garret’s epic Kingdom Come Series. As a Facebook administrator of
Rhetoric Askew, Wade focuses on helping authors further develop their creative skills.
Wade on Facebook
Wade on Twitter
Wade on Amazon

Kris Duggar-Foley, Administrator


Kris is a self-published author who specializes in contemporary romance which she calls realistic love stories. She says that it is “the ride that gets you to the love story that will leave you with the lovely reader’s hangover. You know, the one that pain pills can’t touch and only a sequel can cure.” As an administrator of the Rhetoric Askew Facebook group, Kris says she is proud to see the talent of Askewians come to life through the Anthology. “I remember when Mandy and Dave approached me about starting this Facebook group. At first, we wanted to create a group that focused on positive, motivating
feedback. And this group has exceeded it. I can’t wait to see what is

Kris on Facebook

From all of us at Rhetoric Askew,

Thank you to all of our Authors Askew who contributed for this Anthology Askew – a Collective Perspective to be possible.




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    Thanks for this wonderful ‘yearbook’ of the heart and soul of Rhetoric Askew!


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