Friday Night Flash

Friday’s are full of fun and creativity in our Facebook group, Rhetoric Askew.

We challenged our authors with an image prompt. We had a lot of great entries, but these two are our winners for the week.

Samantha Beardon

My wrath can be great, I am the enforcer
My compassion can be great, I am the assuager
I am here to defend all that is good
I am here to punish the bad, am I understood?
I have been created to subdue the outdated beliefs
To quell the need for conflicts, to lead to new reliefs
Love and peace is my first option but please understand
These swords in my hands, are more than metal bands
They spew love or retribution with equal force
I will not hesitate to find the just cause
When things are looking bad
In the blink of eye you might catch, the flutter of feathers
As I fly by, vengance and compassion my tools for all weathers
I am the enforcer, I am the assuager, fashioned in the balance
Hope you never need me life can be a pennance.

Samantha is a Writer and Silk Painter in England, United Kingdom. Loves to read History, historical novels, fantasy and some romance. Doing a fine arts course. Paints silk mostly wearable art. Loves games particularly Scrabble and word games, plays at every opportunity on line and at home. Interested in relationships and what makes people who they are in general. First novel Converging Lives, first poetry book Caught in Passion.

Web site which showcases poetry, relationship issues and progress with the novel.

Steven Rawlings 

It is time. I am an angel of death. Culling those whose time have come. I take no pleasure from the kill.  No solace can be found within me, as I take another life. There are many omens before my coming; the caw of a raven, the appearance of the Grim, but always me.

I try to make it quick and painless. The flutter of my wings beating the air mere moments before I strike. My prey never knowing I was there, until it is to late. I am quick.  My blade flashing in the moonlight, another victim falling, but I take no joy.

I was not always like this. There was a time, so long ago now that it has nearly passed from memory. I gave life instead of took it. That was until I was pierced by the Blade of Man. It corrupted me, and all that I touched became death. It is time, and I am sorry.

Steven is a part-time artist, full-time nerd. He writes whatever comes to mind, but predominantly sci-fi and action adventure. Never far from a story, either reading or writing, he creates stories that he would like to read himself. A shaper of worlds, he likes to delve into the unknown and theorize about wild frontiers and uncertain futures. You can find him on Facebook at Steven Rawlings.

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