Friday Night Flash Challenge-03/31/2017

Friday’s are full of Askew fun and creativity at Rhetoric Askew on Facebook.

We challenged our members with an image prompt full of heroes and flames ablaze. Here is what our talented Askew authors came up with.

Emma T. Gitani:

I welcomed one to our family.
My daughter, a bride.
Home, family and happiness are their lives.
A fireman, I happily call son in law, with pride.



Emma T. Gitani is a Nonna– grandmother, living in South Florida. She began her literary career as a technical writer and editor. Later, systems testing fulfilled her desire to break things. Emma has settled down to write children’s and young adult fiction. She edits for the Rhetoric Askew Anthology and freelances. She received her first publishing credit in Tales From Our Write Side. In her not so spare time she works as an admin for several online writing groups.


Angela L. Lindsith:

I only needed one match to create this beauty. Its magnificence plays upon my eyelids, dancing and illuminating the dark recesses of my mind. I open my eyes ready to absorb the wonder of my creation. It is my David, my Mona Lisa and I revel in it from afar.
Coiling tongues curl and fight for their place among the inferno, then escape to the heavens, whisking away memories of the burning skeleton that was once an old warehouse. White hot blossoms heat my cheeks and, like a lover’s touch, it excites me, leaves me aching for more. The heavy smoke of my art scalds my nose and burns my lungs. My eyes water at the beauty of it.
No one appreciates my devotion, my destruction of creation, a power as great as any god, a power that exists just to destroy. One match can destroy someone’s future or eliminate another’s past. The finale doesn’t matter; it is the journey that haunts me.
I hear another match calling my name.



Thirty years ago Angela played with the idea of a book while looking out from an abandoned fire tower in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Since that time, she has stumbled her way through life. She obtained her Geological Engineering degree but ditched that for an electrician’s license. She’s worked a variety of jobs but never found the one that fit.
The skeleton of that story never left her. Today, she has a finished novel and a published collection of flash fiction called Sanity’s Threshold. Finding her calling has opened her imagination and a multitude of words have poured onto the page.
Her flash fiction ranges from dark and twisted, to sad and sappy. For more of her work visit her website and Facebook author page.

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