Friday Night Flash – 04/28/2017

We love to challenge our members with visual prompts and this week they sure delivered.

Our winners are Dave Alexander and Samantha Beardon.  Congratulations to both of them. And as always the runners up are featured here as well.

Dave Alexander-

Sleeping. Always sleeping when I come for them. If they knew… they’d be prepared.
Look at her, snoring away without a care, still my hand is stayed by the aura of darkness exuded.
I should act as I must, as ordered, commanded from on high.
Still my hand is stayed.
Sleep on.
Such spirit.
And yet I have failed in my task, mercy not in my nature, yet I act…
And in the doing am doubly damned… No longer serving, yet bound by older laws.

Sleep on, you shall not see me, yet we will meet again.


Samantha Beardon-

 I lay on a bed 

In the dark of the night

Twisting and turning

Dreaming tight
Dressed  all in satin

A sensuous sight

A sacrifical pose

From a satanic rite
You are beside me

Your breath on my skin

I welcome your presence

A reprise to begin
My world and my lover

You left me, chagrin

Now you are back

Great joy set to win
I feel immortal

Your touch energise

You make me whole

I forgive you your lies
I turn towards you

Then let out a scream

Dressed all in black

A dark angel you seem
Is this the darkness

That fills your soul

Those feathered wings 

You bend to kiss me

Then suck  out my breath

Am I the sacrifice

You, the angel of death
I seem to diminish 

My breathing to stop

No I must fight

I will survive, will I not
I lay on a bed 

In the dark of the night

Twisting and turning

Radiating light.

Patt O’Neil-

“Sacrificing yourself for another earned you angel status, ” the smart dressed junior executive replied when I asked him what there was to do in Heaven.

“Hey, I didn’t intend to die, or nothin’. I was just standing on the corner, with my crew, when that old lady stumbled crossing the street.”

“Yes, and saving her life at the cost of your own, allows for you to receive the benefit of angel rank in the afterlife. If anything, it will keep you from becoming bored.”

I thought about what he said and the idea of hanging around on clouds, twiddling a harp with God-knows-who, made me cringe. “Yeah, okay, let’s say I do this. I ain’t gonna spend eternity wearing a toga with no pants, or anything.”

“No, of course not. A man like you has an image to maintain.” Mr. Know-it-all flipped through some files on his too perfect desk top till he found what he was looking for. He pulled a slip of paper from the last one and slid it across to me. “Just show up at this address each night until you are reassigned.”

I looked at the address and frowned, “But how am I supposed to get there?”

“Don’t worry, you’re wings will show up when you need them.”

So here I sit, every evening, just watching her sleep. Who knew being a Guardian Angel could be so monotonous? Oh well, as long as I have to be here, at least she has a fine ass to admire.



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