Friday Night Flash Challenge 08/19/17



Weekend Writing Challenge Winners:

Wade Garrett

When I was little, they told me they were just pipes connecting the world. “Resources” they called it, though Blood’s what really makes the world go-round. When I got older, they told me they were all that was left of a world now gone and yet, they remained to hold it all together. At first I imagined they meant it like, what remains after a body sets to rotting, how all that’s left over time—when the meat has liquefied—is bone. Now that my kids are grown enough, I’ve realized the truth. They are pipes and yet they’re also a great skeleton; the world hasn’t gone away….it’s been infected. It’s a highway now. And I seek the heart. Will you walk with me?


Samantha Beardon

Conduit of hope

The bridge to nowhere

My only escape
Pervasive landscape
While my heartbreaks

Only a conduit

Filtering my screams
Holding and protecting all my dreams
Safe from those erosive streams

I balance above

Exterior rust
Inside lined, with layers of trust
Barrier remains intact. Feels just

I run along

Landscape bleak
Seeing a sign, miseries defeat
On the otherside, freedom to speak

Weekend Writing Challenge Entries:

Josh James

Do you know of the Thumb Scratch Syndrome? I have something like that. Well, it’s probably that exactly, but it doesn’t matter. All it really is, is a state of discontentment. I don’t really know what I want, let alone how to get it. Each passing year, I contemplate the various aspects of my life and I find less to smile about. I’ve become cold and distant. Human interaction has crawled to a near halt and I confine myself behind the walls of my house more frequently than ever. Now I’m one step away from being a full-fledged hermit and I wonder if it’s not for the best. I walk around the city to see grey skies… Grey everything, when the skies are clear and blue. Today, I’m done. I don’t know where I’m going, how I’ll get there, or what I’ll do, but I’m going. By road, forest, water and air. Maybe along the way, I’ll stop scratching my thumb and the itch will go away. All of these are my own problems anyway and I didn’t have to come here in the first place. I guess it was another sporadic decision in an attempt to fill a void inside me. Like I said, it doesn’t matter. These beings might have an answer for me. They never seem to give up. I think I’ll walk until I find a new home and try to learn how these Earthlings learn to be content. If they can’t, I’ll just stick around here until I get too bored and move on. Among all these stars, there has to be an answer…


Stacy Overby

The Pipes

The pipes are draining the land
They’re taking the blood of the Earth
They’re wreaking the havoc we fear
The pipes are draining the land

The pipes are clouding our lives
They’re sucking the life from the land
They’re pulling down doom on us
The pipes are clouding our lives

The pipes are feeding machines
They’re reaching to takeover us
They’re coming to rule all our lives
The pipes are feeding machines

The pipes have no end in sight
They’re slithering across the land
They’re pillaging our lives from us
The pipes have no end in sight

The pipes are killing us now
The pipes have strengthened machines
The pipes make us obsolete
The pipes have killed all the Earth

Ruby Pond

I stood atop and watched
As my hopes all funneled out
Opportunities I’d botched
Pushed aside by self – doubt

And as far wide as it stretched
And as far long as it laid
Staring helplessly, as it etched
Scars of blunders I’d made

And under cold winter skies
Across hard, desolate land
My dreams spilled through the pipe
As moments slipped through my hand

Weekend Writing Challenge Debuts:

David van den Berg

Seeking out for warmth,
like that day you crossed my borders,
kept searching ever since,
while my love’s forever been,
near me as the waters to an ocean.


Heather Buscemi

“Riders on the storm” Zeke sang bemusedly. Truth was, he didn’t know the lyrics and it didn’t matter anyway. What DID matter was finding Zevroe. Yes… finding him and making him pay.

The tunnel ran through the barren land and was the only safe place to walk, unless you didn’t mind the snakes and scorpions.

He knew that Zevroe would have taken this route, it being the most direct route to the city. Looking into the horizon he could make out the highway and on that highway the tiny dots whizzing by.

“Damn troopers” he cursed the distant vehicles. The troopers were of course employed by none other than Zevroe himself and would be surveying the land for sign of Zeke. Though he was on hotter than hell in the black jacket and hood, he knew he wouldn’t be detectable against the black of the tunnels rounded outer rims.

He would have his money back… his girl as well! Zeke could still see her kicking the shins of her burly captor, as he’d dragged her out of the wrecked car the suitcase in his other arm. He’d cried out for her but she hadn’t heard as she was releasing a stream of profanity longer than this tunnel he walked now.

He crossed over a suddenly marshy area and was careful to keep his footing. He did not want to know what horrifying creatures lay in those small lakes… no, he slowed and carefully planned each step.

Caraleigh had been the only thing in his pathetic life that had meant anything to him, other than money of course. Truth be told, he’d been planning to elope with part of the money he and Zevroe had lifted in that last hold up. Now Zevroe had his money and had kidnapped Cara(probably to ensure a safe escape).

As he neared the road, Zeke saw the familiar pickup… but saw no sign of them.
Belly to the ground he slithered through a ditch at the side of the road, until he could see Cara slapping Zevroe across the face as he caught her by the arm and spun her around to look at the money in the now opened suitcase. She stood back to the hiding Zeke and her shoulders shook with sobs.

Zeke charged forward to attack his once partner in crime when he was hit over the head with something hard… a large rock?

He stretched his hand out towards his lovers sobbing form and cried, “Cara, I … love..” the world spun into darkness and he knew he was dying. The shaking figure of his girlfriend spun to face him. As she did, he struggled to look upon her face one last time… knowing he had failed her. Struggling to keep the blackness surrounding him at bay long enough to look into her face one last time, he realized that her frame was shaking and tears dotted her cheeks, but she was laughing! His eyes widened and as the blackness of death took him, he saw the money in her hand and the hand that held the other was the hand of Zevroe! And then, he saw no more.

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