Welcome Our Newest Author

Alicia Sophia

~ Author of 1, 4, 3 ~

Signed by RhetAskew Publishing


Alicia Sophia is a 30 something punk rocker from Pittsburgh, Pa. Following her heart, to the west coast, she majored in creative writing. She runs solely on caffeine and obscene language and still dresses like she did in high school. Alicia has been writing since she could pick up a pencil and plans to pass away with her pen in her hand.

“We are thrilled to work with Alicia and her characters in 1, 4, 3.
Her work carries a message of empowerment and it is an honor to share
in this journey with her.”

– Mandy Melanson
RhetAskew Publishing


About 1, 4, 3

Cam lived a sheltered, privileged life. She fell in love right after college and based her life around love for “the one.” When their 4-year-old relationship evaporates Cam finds herself attached to a new, older woman who offered a chance to fly across the country and start a new adventure. Cam leaves it all behind to work for a corporate lawyer who introduces her to the party scene. When Cam finds crystal meth, she falls down the rabbit hole. Through this chaos, she learns and discovers herself. She leaves California a new woman, only to come home and find out “the one” is engaged. Can she let her go without losing herself once more?

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  1. C Rosecrans says:

    Welcome to a brand new author, Congratulations!!!!!!!!

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