Admin Challenge Winner Rosa Marchisella 6/17/2018

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, ocean, sky, outdoor and water


The night wind pushes the hair from my face
as I come to stand in this sacred place
I stand firm and gaze longingly into the night
and the stars dance beyond my sight

But, I don’t see their ritualistic movements now

I’m looking out beyond my small world tonight
I saw the future and it gave me a fright
It was lonely and barren because I was without you
I watched you leave; what else could I do?

If you love something, set it free

You took your sword and strapped it to your hips
then you held me close and kissed my lips
“Do not go!” I longed to cry
for I know if you did, you would surely die

But, my foolish female instincts meant nothing to you

Tristan, my beloved, I wish you could come home
but, your body floats among the sea foam
You left hoping for fortune and fame
now, all I’ve got is your sweet name

Not even a child to remind me of you

Tristan, my dearest, I want you by my side
Since you left I’ve done nothing but cried
Your spirit has gone to God, I know
and soon I will join you in the salty flow

I’ll soon be standing next to you, again

I cannot hide my bitter grief
as I wade into the icy reef
It’s only right that I should die
so our souls may together fly

You’ve left me for the arms of Death

But, like the sea, I am a jealous lover
I will not share you with another
and be it the tides or God above
I will never compromise my boundless love

I will only love you, my sweetness

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