We support authors to create worlds and inspire readers.

Is RhetAskew Publishing a self-publishing service?

No. We do NOT require money from our authors for our services. If you wish to hire a designer or editor for your self-publishing project, then RhetAskew Publishing is not what you are looking for.

Welcome to Askew

About Askew

Because we know authors pour their heart and soul into the stories they create, our editors and coaches respect the voice and vision behind the story.

Askew Editors welcome questions and suggestions from authors and are always willing to listen.

What makes you different from other small publishers?

Once you choose to be Askew, you will never be alone in the process. We have a team of development coaches and editors who are specifically trained to help authors develop manuscripts for publication. Creative Development Editors & Development Coaches walk through the development and editing processes with authors until their manuscript is ready for publication.

The Askew Marketing and Design team works closely with our authors to ensure the book cover and marketing materials fit their vision, not just for the book launch but afterward to keep the momentum going. We believe no one knows the story better than the author, and our job is to make the author’s dream and vision a reality while working to make the story the best it can be.

Here’s what some of our authors have to say…

Rhetoric Askew is a Godsend! Their developmental edit allowed me to add a depth to my story that enhanced the characters and enriched the flow. The comments were helpful and professional, and the team was always available if I needed them. I would not hesitate to use Rhetoric Askew for all my future editing needs.

AJ Mullican

Hey, you guys do amazing work and are extremely skilled. Some of the fastest editing in the business!

Alex Collazo

RA is great. They helped me become a better writer. I have a nearly infinite number of ideas at times and I write a lot, but the end product had tons of problems. Of course, submitting stories like this brought rejection letters, but RA broke down these problems and offered me more than solutions. They…

An Askew Author

I was really impressed with Dusty’s ideas for the story, and I’ve incorporated all of his suggestions into the draft. His comb-through tightened it up on the sentence level, but the overall effect is a more well-realized world. I appreciate the effort he invested into it. As someone who spends a lot of time sending…

Carl Fuerst

Ok, if you are looking for someone to edit, stop right here because this is the place. I just had my first edit and let me tell you, it was a very positive experience. Not only was the edit good, but finally….someone that leaves comments and suggestions to help me out. The feedback is honest…


You guys have been absolutely great editing (and publishing) submissions for the anthologies. Couldn’t ask for a more professional job and relationship. Thanks!

Jim Tritten

Dusty and Mandy, we are pleased to inform you that two of the chapters you published in 2017 have won awards in the annual New Mexico Press Women in communications contests… We want to thank you again for publishing our work and for the fine editing that made these pieces shine and contributed to their…

Jim Tritten, Sandi Hoover, Chris Allen & Maureen Cooke

Having had my work edited for publication by Rhetoric Askew, I was surprised by the quality of the suggestions. They understood my vision, and helped hone the work to showcase my voice.

Rob Easton

Thank you for the attention to my work! I am thrilled with the improvements made.

Ruby Pond

What genres do you accept?

We try not to limit your choices; we want to see what you have created.

That being said, we do NOT accept Erotica, Gore, or Shock Literature. We appreciate those who create and enjoy such stories, but they are simply NOT a good fit for Team Askew or our readers.

What makes a successful query?

THE HOOK! Plain and simple, hook us on your idea, hook us on your characters, hook us on your writing.

Every query should have three parts, no more and no less. Resist the urge to show us everything in your plot. Please, do NOT—I repeat do NOT—send us the FULL manuscript in the query.

The ONLY three parts to a successful query:

  1. Paragraph one should tell us why you chose to query RA and please be specific. Include your story’s genre, word count, and a one-line hook (think of this as your character’s life or death moment). Make us love it.
  2. A mini-synopsis. Brevity and clarity are your friends here.
  3. Author Bio – Who you are, and where you are in your journey.

When you copy/paste your first three chapters into the online form, do NOT stress too much about formatting. Browsers are simply not designed for formatting so don’t try to force something that isn’t going to happen. DO PROOF-READ CAREFULLY. Make sure you are giving us the best content possible so we can make the best decision for your story’s future with RA.

What is the author’s part in the Askew process?

The author must be willing to accept feedback from our editors.

We will respect your story’s authenticity. We’ll work with you to ensure your voice is clear and we’ll expect you to work with us to ensure the reader’s experience is uninterrupted by technical and/or grammatical errors.

We do NOT require every edit to be accepted.

We want authors who are as invested in their success as we are.

Well, I’m sold. I am Askew. How can I submit my work to you?

For novel submissions please follow the Query Us tab at the top of the website and follow the instructions there.

For shorter works and/or poetry, check out our Anthology Submissions page. Most details are covered there, but you can always Contact Us if you have additional questions about either process.

Our doors are always open, so join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy writing,

Team Askew

If you have questions for Team Askew, fill out the form below and we’ll contact you. 




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