Poetry Askew Challenge – DUO RHYME

The winners of this weeks poetry challenge are Ron Hibton and Susannah Bailey. The challenge was to produce a duo rhyme . First second penultimate and last lines to rhyme, middle section to rhyme.

Being #ABNORMAL is not a crime

Originally posted on AJ Mullican Author/Artist:
Abnormal is rapidly approaching release, and I want to know: What makes you #ABNORMAL? There are tons of “abnormalities” in life that are criminalized, penalized, or ostracized in society. Transsexualism, LGBTQIA “lifestyle,” being overweight, underweight, tall, short, rich, poor, too ugly, too pretty even. What about you makes…


Originally posted on AJ Mullican Author/Artist:
Hello, everybody!! Twenty-nine days until Abnormal hits bookstores and Amazon, and as a treat I’ll be doing a live Q&A next week about the book! 🙂 (Tentatively looking at Wednesday afternoon, maybe say two-ish PST? Have to check my day job schedule.) Have questions like “What’s Abnormal about,” “Who’s Clare,”…

Coming Soon!

PEN Award Nominated LADYBIRD ADRIFT by Alison Downs   Praise for LADYBIRD ADRIFT “Love knows no age barriers, and in LADYBIRD ADRIFT, Alison Downs writes a bittersweet novel about love between a younger woman and an older man. As their love grows, so does the realization that a health issue threatens their relationship and happiness….

REALM OF MAGIC by Writers Unite!

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