Alison Downs

NOMINATED FOR THE 2019 PEN HEMINGWAY AWARD Buy Now Praise for Ladybird Adrift “Love knows no age barriers, and in LADYBIRD ADRIFT, Alison Downs writes a bittersweet novel about love between a younger woman and an older man. As their love grows, so does the realization that a health issue threatens their relationship and happiness….

Write Askew Tips for Authors #1 Stay Organized

So, we receive a lot of questions from writers and authors about what resources and systems we use and recommend at RhetAskew and in our Facebook group Rhetoric Askew.

With NaNoWriMo upon us, we thought this would be a great time to share a new tool or resource each week that authors and writers can use to stay on track during this hectic, fun-filled NaNoWriMo month. We plan on doing this by giving you all a sneak peek into our Editing Cave and showing you what tools and resources we use as authors and editors to keep our writing schedules on pace despite our always hectic schedules. 

Author ANDREW REGIN signs with RhetAskew Publishing

We are thrilled to announce ANDREW REGIN has signed with RhetAskew Publishing to bring the GUARDIANS series to readers everywhere. Book 1 – The White Mountains Coming Soon From Andrew Regin and RhetAskew Publishing