Inspire and Support Authors…

A simple idea with a powerful impact.


Three editors decided over a virtual cup of coffee they had seen enough. A distinct pattern of non-support and stifling creativity within the publishing industry motivated them to establish a haven of support for authors and their work.

Their love for the craft of writing and those who create worlds to inspire others led to the foundation of Rhetoric Askew and RhetAskew Publishing.

It is our priority to continue to provide a quality alternative for authors where support is constant and creativity is inspired.


Meet the Askew Editors


Melanson Editor In Chief
Mandy Melanson Editor-in-Chief

MANDY MELANSON is Editor-in-Chief of RhetAskew Publishing and its parent company Rhetoric Askew, LLC. Prior to collaborating with her partners to establish RA, she worked as an editor and marketing director. She says, “I found myself increasingly concerned over the state of the industry and its lack of support for authors. During our discussion, we decided it was time to do something about it.”

She is degreed in English and Psychology and holds certifications in editing, marketing, and brand development.

Mandy leads the Rhetoric Askew Facebook group and its associated creative development workshops with her friends and business partners, Dusty Grein and Emma T. Gitani.

Her writing is featured in various anthologies and collaborations. Next up on her list of finished projects is A MOTHER’S INSTINCT, a crime fiction novel scheduled for publication in 2018.

When she’s not writing or working to help authors develop their craft, she spends time crime-fighting with her three favorite superheroes who just happen to call her “Mom.” She says her children are her greatest blessing.


Dusty Grein
Dusty Grein Managing Editor

DUSTY GREIN is the author of the award-winning novel THE SLEEPING GIANT, an accredited classical poet, a graphics designer, and a full-time grandpa. He is originally from Federal Way, Washington, and he currently resides in Oregon. He has five children and twelve grandchildren, and when he’s not busy writing and editing, he’s usually hard at work, keeping track of a white bulldog named Naked.


Emma T Gitani
Emma T. Gitani Creative Development Editor

EMMA T. GITANI is Creative Development Editor for RhetAskew Publishing and its parent company Rhetoric Askew, LLC. She leads creative development workshops for RA and its associated Facebook groups. You can find them here: Rhetoric Askew on Facebook

She is a Nonna (grandmother) living in South Florida. She began her literary career as a technical writer and editor. Systems testing fulfilled her desire to break things while fiction allows her to create.