When Imposter Syndrome strikes, hit back

I think we’ve all dealt with this at some point, and these are excellent points to write down and look at every time you feel like your story isn’t good enough. Guess what. It is good enough!

Ashley Dawn

I’ve been seeing a lot lately about people facing that lovely little feeling of Imposter Syndrome. That thing where your brain tells you you’re a fake, your story isn’t good enough, you’re not good enough. That piece of you that tells you you’re nowhere near the level you should be, there’s better people out there that have better stories and more talent. That part of you that screams just that little bit louder than you when you need to support yourself instead of being down on your abilities.

Here’s the thing though: writing isn’t a talent. It’s not something you either have or you don’t, it’s not something one person is better at than the other. Writing is something you learn, and writing only gets better the more you do it. The greats you look up to never had a perfect story their first time around. No writer you ask…

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The Business of Selling Books

There are relatively few superstars who rise to the top of this profession—those writers who have the talent, drive, and good fortune to make the right connections at the right times, and are launched into the stratosphere of the writing world. It is wonderful that there are folks like Rowling, King, Riordan, Koontz, and Patterson for us to not only enjoy, but to learn from and aspire to follow. For the rest of us, we can still chase our dreams—but we have to do so at a little slower pace. With the changing landscape of the publishing world, it can be a daunting journey. Never fear, we’re here to help you navigate this confusing and rewarding industry.

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Write Askew Tips for Authors #1 Stay Organized

So, we receive a lot of questions from writers and authors about what resources and systems we use and recommend at RhetAskew and in our Facebook group Rhetoric Askew.

With NaNoWriMo upon us, we thought this would be a great time to share a new tool or resource each week that authors and writers can use to stay on track during this hectic, fun-filled NaNoWriMo month. We plan on doing this by giving you all a sneak peek into our Editing Cave and showing you what tools and resources we use as authors and editors to keep our writing schedules on pace despite our always hectic schedules.