Why technique isn’t everything…

My blogger friend Sean Carlin wrote a post a few days ago about Artistic Originality. He’s a writer with a background in film, and he often laments the industry’s sequels and reboots that sacrifice the original film’s creative power for a guaranteed (but unsatisfying to the viewer) box-office bump. His post got me thinking about […] … Continue reading Why technique isn’t everything…

Create the life you want.

Go write, Askew

via Captivating New ideas can be so captivating... The new character who pops up and wants to tell us their whole life story. A new villain who wants us to document his world takeover. New stories are always so much fun! But what good is all that inspiration if it's never shared with readers? Listen, … Continue reading Go write, Askew

Branch Out of Your Comfort Zone

via Branch #PitMad is right around the corner. I've heard from a lot of authors who are preparing for it. You know what? They're one step closer to their goal of being published because they polished their queries and have their pitches ready to go. I've also heard from a bunch of writers who are … Continue reading Branch Out of Your Comfort Zone