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#PitMad is right around the corner. I’ve heard from a lot of authors who are preparing for it. You know what? They’re one step closer to their goal of being published because they polished their queries and have their pitches ready to go.

I’ve also heard from a bunch of writers who are procrastinating. Of course, they don’t come out and tell me this but it’s something discovered through conversation. The onslaught of new ideas (which happens right before the big day). They can’t focus on their finished work because they have to pursue these new stories and characters. Or there’s the “pantsing” approach… Let’s be honest, when you’re getting your work (your metaphorical blood, and literal sweat and tears) in front of agents and publishers, it’s probably not the best time to fly by the seat of your pants.

My advice to these words is always the same—balance.

Jot down the ideas, do a voicenote, send an email reminder to yourself… Whatever you need to do, do it.

Document the idea and set it aside.

If you’re working to be an author, the story isn’t finished until it’s published. Finish the draft. Revise it. Edit it. Polish it. Publish it.

Repeat. Give your next story the same attention and dedication.

Branch out of your comfort zone. Set goals and demolish them.

You can do it!












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