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New ideas can be so captivating… The new character who pops up and wants to tell us their whole life story. A new villain who wants us to document his world takeover. New stories are always so much fun! But what good is all that inspiration if it’s never shared with readers?

Listen, I get it! I’m the worst when it comes to new ideas and distractions and—oh, look! Shiny!

At some point you have to tell yourself that this is your dream but it’s also your business. If you want to succeed,  which in this business means sales, you need a product to promote. See where I’m going with this?

Quit telling yourself you don’t have time to write because that’s telling yourself you don’t have time to succeed.

Five minutes a day, three times a day. That’s all it takes. At the average typing speed of 60 words-per-minute you could have 900 words a day toward your goal and a finished draft in 90 days or less. Don’t tell yourself you don’t have 5 minutes.

The Askew Challenge: go write, Askew. Five minutes is all it takes.


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