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I don’t know about you, but I am never at a loss for story ideas. The time to write and follow those ideas to completion is a different story. I know, I know, and I do try to follow my advice on how to minimize distractions to just sit down and write. (If you missed that post, check it out here: Your characters called. Stop making them feel invisible!)


Write, right now. Turn an idea into "the end" in 90 days with the Askew Challenge.
Turn author dreams into plans. Write. Take the Askew Challenge to turn your story into a finished draft in 90 days.

For my most recent finished project—A MOTHER’S INSTINCT, a crime fiction novel that’s due out this summer—I followed the Askew approach. The Askew approach is based on micro writing sprints and consistency. That’s the basis of turning author dreams into plans and then reality.

Guess what—it worked!

I wrote in micro-writing sprints for 15 minutes a day, more if I could, and turned my story from a loose outline into a draft in less than 50 days. After spending a day or two rejoicing in my accomplishment of typing “the end,” I spent 1 day per chapter on revisions and soft editing before I sent it to my editor. Yes, even editors have editors. That’s a post for a different day—

Now, I have another story itching to hit the page and I’m going to use the Askew Challenge to get it done.

15 minutes a day and this time I’m going to give myself 90 days to go from idea to revised and ready for my editor. If you’ve got a story waiting to find a home on the page then join the Askew 90 day plan and go from idea to “The end.”


How the Askew Challenge works: 

  • Day 1-8 Outline Workshop 
  • Day 9-21 Writing Act 1
  • Day 22-64 Writing Act 2 
  • Day 65-79 Writing Act 3
  • Day 80-90 Reread and revise as you go. (Don’t dwell too long on this stage or you will overthink it and spend an eternity in the endless cycle of revisions. We’ll have a workshop to help everyone focus on how to get through this step without spending too long on it.
  • Day 91 Tell everyone you know: “I finished my book thanks to the Askew Challenge. I am Askew.”

Come join us on Facebook for the Askew Challenge Workshops. We’ll share outlining tools, tips, and maybe a few Askew tricks as well as have regular writing sprints, weekend events, and support.

It’s time to fulfill your author dreams. It’s time to share your character’s story. It’s time to write. 

I #amwriting. Are you?
Be stronger than your excuses. Finish your story in 90 days, or less, with the Askew Challenge.





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