As authors we tend to overthink things.

You know it’s true. We all do it. This is the one thing that can absolutely kill your story. Don’t do it.

Of course, you should have a clear idea of the world and characters you want to present to the reader. The problem is when we are so concerned about worldbuilding we never actually put any of the story on paper.

I’ve been guilty of this a few times. You know why? I was procrastinating. It took a few well meaning individuals calling me out on my insecurities for me to push past it. I am so grateful for their blunt honesty because it gave me that moment of clarity to get out of my own head and just start writing.

I’m not gonna lie, my first drafts are messy.

But that’s okay. If you missed the post on that, check it out here: Writer’s Block? We Have the Cure.

If you’re stuck on worldbuilding and can’t get past the brainstorming stage, come join the Askew Challenge. Here’s the link: Rhetoric Askew on Facebook

The Askew Challenge Workshops start tomorrow. The plan:

  • Outlining Workshop
  • Daily Writing Sprints of 15 minutes
  • Consistency
  • Support
  • Finished, Revised Draft in 90 days.

Come see what the Askew Challenge can do for you and your story.

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