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One of the most important parts of being an author is remembering to take breaks and give yourself time for YOU.

Our stories can be demanding and we’ll quickly burn out or find ourselves bored with our stories if we let them consume every moment. Get the idea on paper with a simple outline. If you don’t have an outlining method you can pick up one of the Askew Challenge workbooks at the outlining event happening at Rhetoric Askew on Facebook, click here:

Askew Challenge Outline
7 Steps to Finish Your Story in 90 Days.

Don’t lose yourself in the process of trying to create. Schedule time each day to dedicate to your story. Hit it hard. Take a break. Repeat every day until it’s time to write “the end.”

Join the Askew Challenge if you’re looking for support and accountability in the creative writing process. Askewians are also pretty good at motivation— Come and see for yourself.


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