That’s right! I said 90 days.

The Askew Challenge provides a 7 step process and workbook to help authors take a story from idea to “the end” in 90 days, or less.

Dealing with countless ideas can be difficult and stressful, to say the least.


Pacing 1

I don’t know about you, but I am never at a loss for story ideas. The time to write and follow those ideas to completion is a different story.

That’s where the Askew Challenge comes in.

It’s a program of daily writing sprints following a proven formula for pacing and consistency which will take you from idea to “the end” in 90 days, or less. Days 1-8 are for outlining. New authors often think writing without an outline, or pantsing as it’s often called within the writing community, is the way to go. But let’s think about that. Do you really want your readers to think you wrote the entire book flying by the seat of your pants? I didn’t think so. If you focus on pacing in your outline it will carry over into your first draft and then not only will your editor love you, but your reader will stay right on pace with your story.

See what I did there?

What it is:


  • Daily Micro Writing Sprints (15 minutes)
  • Outline
  • Word Tracker
  • Plan
  • Motivation
  • Support
  • Small Daily Goals
  • Finished Manuscript in 90 Days.


How you do it:


  • Day 1-8 Outline
  • Day 9-21 Writing Act 1
  • Day 22-64 Writing Act 2
  • Day 65-79 Writing Act 3
  • Day 80-90 Reread and revise as you go.
  • Day 91 Send/Submit and tell everyone you know “I am Askew. I just finished my manuscript in 90 days because of the Askew Challenge.”


If you want to break the block and start seeing your ideas come to fruition then join the Askew Challenge and finish your story in 90-days.

Askew Challenge Workshop


Stay tuned, resources to keep you on pace are just around the corner. Start today with the Askew Challenge Outline. Download a PDF version of the Askew Challenge Workbook Here: Askew Challenge Workbook

Outline your story and finish in 90 days.
Askew Challenge Workbook

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